This very simple page features downloadable files for the Petz series.  Petz is a computer game, not free, not online.  You can find out more about the game at

These breedz are designed primarily for conformation shows in the PKC, a petz showing club with realistic petz standards.  The PKC follows FCI and FIFe standards.  Because of their "show design," some of these breedz might look strange when sitting, walking, or being picked up (more a dogz issue than catz).  Compromises are made and all issues considered in breed design to hopefully acheive a nice balance of showability, playability, and breedability.

I created all of these breedz from scratch, so please do not steal my codes or take credit for making them.  You may put them on your own site as long as you provide a note of aknowledgement and a link to my site.  Feel free to "hex paint" personal petz or litterz from these files.  All fur files I have created are free for use however you like including in your own breedz.

All files available here are unibreed, meaning these files will work in Petz 3, Petz 4, and Petz 5.

Unzip all files (breedz and bitmaps) into the Resource/Catz or Resource/Dogz folder in your Petz directory.