Fur Files
How to Use these: Any way you like!  Feel free to use for any purpose.  You may alter them as well (though altered versions will have to be put up for PKC acceptance).  This applies not only to textures on this page but to any texture I have made.

(Accepted PKC textures are all listed here: http://hex.lokatt.se/texlib.htm )

External: Unzip the file(s) into any directory (I prefer using the Resource/Dogz or Resource/Catz).  List these locations in your texture list and number your variations accordingly.
Internal: Use a hexing program or Petz Workshop to add or replace internal fur files.  Make sure you set the transparency as desired.

Texture: Brindle
Allowed: Shorthair dogz
Transparency: 95
dark: 95, 55, 65, 105
light: 45, 125

Texture: Blue Brindle
Allowed: Shorthair dogz
Transparency: none (or 25)
Colors: 25

(Note: blue brindle dogz should have blue noses and amber eyes -- not black and brown.)

Texture: Sable
Allowed: Any sable breed
Transparency: none

Texture: Light Cream
Allowed: Breedz that occur in light cream (labs, goldens, eskies, etc.)
Transparency: none

(Different files for shorthair and longhair, darker texture for ears)

Texture: Smoke/Shaded
Allowed: Longhaired breedz (check standards)
Transparency: none

15 files included to represent 5 colors, use a dark shade on the back, face, and legs, and a lighter shade on the rest.